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Cable tray selection

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Cable Tray in the choice of when to follow the following points:

1) The Cable Tray layout should be based on economic rationality, technical feasibility, operational factors such as safe sex analogy, engineering design. To determine the best solution, but also to fully meet the construction equipment, the maintenance and cabling requirements.

2) laying in the room except when special electrical, Cable Tray or mezzanine level of laying the device on the men Road and less than 2.5m should be taken to maintain grounding. When the level of the laying of cable tray height from the ground is generally not less than 2.5m vertically at 1.8m above the ground when laying the following should be added to the metal cover of local protection.

3) It should be rigid corrosion-resistant materials manufacturing. Or to take anti-corrosion treatment, cable tray, trunking and hangers used in a corrosive environment. Corrosion disposal shall meet the requirements engineering environment, and durability. Requirements for high corrosion resistance or to request a clean place, should use aluminum cable tray.

4) in cable tray, cable tray section where the fire safety requirements. Tray to add a fire-resistant or flame retardant properties of boards, network and other information constitute the closed or semi-enclosed structure, and take the bridge and the appearance of brush fire coat hangers and other measures. The overall fire resistance shall meet relevant national standards or standards. Engineering fire safety requirements of the higher places. Aluminum cable tray should not be used.

5) The need for electromagnetic interference shielding cable lines. Or protection from external impact, such as outdoor sunlight n. Corrosive liquids, flammable dust and other environmental requirements. Should use non-porous tray type cable tray.

6) The cable tray should be used in the cover; or outdoor public access across the road segment. Should increase the bottom plate on bridge or use of non-porous tray, to the accumulation of dust in the workplace.

Another point to note: different voltages, different uses of the cable should not be laid in cable tray with a layer, these are:

1) above and below 1kV and 11kV cables;
2) the same path to a load of double-loop power supply cable;
3) control and telecommunications cables;
4) emergency lighting and other lighting cables.