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Cable tray market capacity is big

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Social and economic research center data show that the cable tray huge market capacity, 90% of the industrial enterprise demand for cable tray with clear. Cable tray market reached one hundred billion yuan, 2010, 2011 years later will be growing at around 20% a year. In 2010 the latest cable bridge standards of the state, the provisions of this standard for electric power distribution using the definition of cable tray, model code, requirements, test methods, inspection rule, mark, transportation, and storage, etc. This standard is applicable to industrial and civil building indoor and outdoor cable tray, high-low-voltage transmission and distribution project. This standard is more specification of the cable bridge industry.

Such a prospect is quite wide products, to attract more dealers and franchisees. Yangzhong high energy-saving bridge co., LTD is a professional development and sales of various bridge units, all kinds of complete testing equipment, and has a good overall performance test-bed, obtained the production license, and adopted the ISO9001 quality management system certification. In many large and medium-sized cities established sales network throughout the country. A sound sales network, high-quality services will bring convenience and benefit to you.

Company is mainly engaged in bridge, cable bridge, big span bridge, cable tray, metal trough, trough type tray type cable tray, cascade type cable tray, aluminum cable tray, stainless steel cable tray, galvanized trough, color plating, spraying, fire prevention, hot-dip zinc bridge, hot dip galvanized wire casing. In addition can also according to the construction requirements of different users and different occasions to give design modification order processing, the company always adhere to the "man without I have, keep improving" consciousness first, and continuously to improve process, products are used molding equipment and special tooling to choose high quality materials production, products through continuous improvement, innovation, technology and quality have been walk in the forefront of the industry. It is one specialized is engaged in electrical complete sets of product design, production, sales and related services integrated company, her self-help provide optimal for the domestic and international construction market is the most humanized electrical complete sets of products. At present mainly based on the following two products series operation: (1) the XQJ bridge series: cascade type, tray type, slot, big span, species have plastic spraying paint, fire type, cold galvanized, hot dip galvanized, aluminum alloy, etc.; (2) bus series: enclosed bus duct, air type of bus duct, etc.

A sprawling complex market, on how to choose the bridge rack everybody also dazzling, let us summarize some experience for everyone for reference:

(1) determine the bridge width, layer number, support pattern and spacing in each layer, and cable bridge frame of distribution. 

(2) calculate each layer of the cable of the uniformly distributed load (kN/m2), the initial determination of bridge type, specification.

(3) according to the maximum cable always uniformly distributed load for calculating bridge strength.

(4) the deflection value is how to take, there is no clear rules, around heavy area obviously decrease should be considered, which means that the steel consumption will increase, therefore, calculations as long as make full use of the maximum allowable stress of steel, and ensure adequate factor of safety, generally the ratio of maximum deflection to span (anchor spacing) it is advisable to take 1/250 ~ 1/150. 

Bridge the swell-shrink. Due to the environment temperature changes, steel cable tray will be heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon. Bridge greatly influenced by the temperature outside environment such as the maximum temperature of 40 ℃, the lowest temperature is 20 ℃, the cable tray is the measure of the contraction of the press: obtained from Δ t = 11.2 * 10-6 * 60 deg (c) x 1000 mm thus concluded that the difference in temperature of 60 ℃, Δ ι = 0.672 mm/m temperature of 50 ℃, Δ ι = 0.560 mm/m temperature of 40 ℃, Δ ι = 0.448 mm/m engineering design of straight line segment of cable tray should consider expansion joint, expansion joint spacing recommendations according to the following: fixed when the temperature is 40 ℃ to 50 m; When the temperature is 50 ℃ to 40 m; When the temperature is 60 ℃ to 40 m.